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If Childish Gambino sounds like two random names smashed together by a nickname generator…well it is. It’s also the stage name of actor/comedian/writer/DJ/rapper/awesome guy Donald Glover. You might know him better as Troy from the NBC comedy Community, but he’s also been tearing up tour dates all over the US this past year with his unique, slightly nerdy brand of hip hop. While you might think of Childish Gambino as another actor with an ego, thinking he can do it all, you’re dead wrong.

In fact, much of Glover’s life and career might surprise a lot of people. And no, he’s not related to Danny Glover. He was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, alongside two paternal siblings and many foster children taken in by his parents. He got a degree in Dramatic Writing from NYU, which helped him in his comedy career, but also found himself drawn to music. His rap career started off as another joke, with songs bordering parodies and on-stage gimmicks on concert dates that were meant to entertain more than impress. Even his stage name was randomly spit out of a Wu-Tang Clan name generator. But as Childish Gambino began releasing mixtapes like I Am Just A Rapper and independent albums like Culdesac a poignant and clever voice began to emerge that Glover slowly embraced. His first studio album, Camp, roared onto the hip-hop scene in 2011, and both fans and critics who had dismissed him as a rapping comedian took notice.

As fans eagerly anticipate new mixtapes, albums, and movies from this talented artist, many are flocking to Childish Gambino’s tour dates all over the country. To try and see for yourself whether Danny Glover is a more talented comedian or rapper, check out his schedule and prepare to be baffled.

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