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DJ ESCO has been rocking crowds with his love of music for the last 10 years. This mixing sensation can use both vinyl and cds to motivate people of all ages to hit the dance floor. He knows just how to read the crowd, taking people on a musical ride from Hip Hop & Reggaeton delicately into Club Music. In High School is where his true love for music and djing came to life with hearing the Djs and hot new Hip Hop artists on the radio. He then learned how to mix and came to the realization that mixing was his true calling. At the young age of 16 Dj Esco moved to West Palm Beach Florida, where day after day he began to perfect his skills. In Florida he started Djing at some of the hottest clubs, events and house parties while putting out numerous mixtapes to expand his fanbase even further. He was doing great in Florida but homesickness got to him as his precious windy city was calling him back. He decided at that time to head back to Chicago and make a name for himself. Since returning Dj Esco has put all his time and effort into Djing. He is a resident Dj at the very popular LA MARGARITA nightclub in Schaumburg, Illinois. He is also part of the International Wu-Tang Latino Los Rompeagujas Dj Squad. Dj Esco is working towards getting on a major radio station. Being a goal-oriented person who is respected all throughout the industry leaves him confident that he will leave his mark worldwide. Dj Esco is not a dj that you will forget anytime soon with his exceptional skills and networking abilities he will leave you wanting more. Booking Info or Questions, Please contact the Management for Dj Esco: ANGELA STAR 630-816-6294

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Dj Esco

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