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Paul Brown
18 year old emcee. my base is hip hopa

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My name is Paul Brown. I am 2,000 years old. I was conceived in Astroia Queens, New York City but currently reside in Eastampton New Jersey (South Jersey). Jeremy Dionson is my government, has nothing to do with Paul Brown at all but that was the name I inheritd when i was a youngin rappin in philly, peace to Jimmy Gorecki and Ron Crawford...FRIDAY BOYS! I am not the typical emcee, looks wise, I am a five foot four filipino that lives in the suburbs, but what does an emcee really look like now adays. Im not a serious person at all, I joke around, people say I joke around too much but fuck it. I like house parties and the city night life. I dont just listen to hip hop, even though thats what I do. I am a "rapper" and I take my work very seriously, but I dont take myself too serious because I ryhme words together and talk about my life experiences while doing it. But I've been a fan of hip hop since I can remember. Grew up listenin to Nas, Wu, Mos Def, Jay-Z, the Last Emperor, Canibus, the Notorious of course, and one of my top three favorite emcee's of all time Big L (not to mention all the originators like Slick Rick, Dougie Fresh, Rakim, KRS).I started writing when i was in sixth grade and started getting serious with it when people started tellin me they liked my songs in high school. The Dead Presidents track I did was recorded in eighth grade, in elementary, and was a big hit around my area so i started getting into it more. I started a group with my fellow emcee Black, called the Deadly Combination, we got the name from a song on the Big L Big Picture album. It lasted about a year and I decided to go solo with my career. Since then Ive been messing around with many artist around my way and getting as much work done as possible. Im here to provide a 90s hip hop feel but still have a new sound that will be embraced by many.

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Paul Brown

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