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Pet Shop Boys are an English electronic/pop music act, formed by Neil Tennant (b. 10 July 1954) who provides main vocals, keyboards and very occasionally guitar, and Chris Lowe (b. 4 October 1959) on keyboards and occasionally on vocals.

The longevity of their career is generally attributed to their ability to create melodic pop/dance music with intelligent lyrics and striking style. They are one of the most consistently successful duos in pop music, particularly in Europe. Since 1986, they have had 38 top 40 singles in the UK including four number ones: "West End girls", "It's a sin", "Always on my mind" and "Heart". While maintaining a strong presence in the dance and club charts in the United States, their mainstream success waned in the late eighties (their last top 40 hit in the U.S. was "Domino Dancing" in 1988). Their popularity is still prevalent through their very active and devoted fan base.

A new album titled Fundamental is due to be released under the Parlophone label on May 22, 2006.

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Pet Shop Boys

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