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Trip Lee
Christian Rap / Hip Hop / Christian

If they only knew how great the God we serve is they might see life different. If they only knew how deep and serious our faith really is, maybe their lives would look like a gang of believers that serve Christ and not themselves. Motivated by his faith in Jesus, Trip Lee represents the Lord with all his heart. Just out of high school, most don't expect a young believer like Trip Lee to be so serious about his faith but the way he sees it, he has no choice. How can he not give his entire life to a God so amazing ? To him its the only option. His desire is that those who see him and hear the music would be encouraged to live a life unashamed of their faith in Christ and love Him with all their heart. "When I look around and I see the Godlessness of the world we live in I'm heavily burdened to see how much unlike Him most of us are, and without a desire to become more like Him. Everytime it hits me, I'm like, 'Man if they only knew!' If they only knew how great this God is and how perfect His will for our lives is, and that the whole purpose for our existence is His glory they would serve Him, seek Him, and strive to be just like Him." Available now is Trip Lee's debut album "If They Only Knew". Featuring Lecrae, Tedashii, Ambassador, J.R., Flame, Diamone, Cam, Json . With production from Tony Stone, DJ Official, J.R., Lecrae, Mac the Doulos, and others. Stay up on to get the latest news as the project unfolds! Tedashii's debut solo album, Kingdom People is now available. Its fire! Featurin Lecrae and Trip of course, Phantik, J.R., Flame, and many more. Available on

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Trip Lee

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